For Educators

: Drug Awareness Program
A product of Leadership Shelby County targeted for 7th and 8th grade students
This drug awareness program is targeted for 7th and 8th grade students. The program focus is on early drug awareness and planning effective exit strategies when confronted by peers to use drugs. The program consists of a video presentation in the classroom with a series of guest speakers to introduce the material and address a Q&A discussion following the viewing. The program will also feature an interactive website with additional videos and reference materials to back up the message outside the classroom.
The video reflects simulated situations where tweens/teens are faced with peer pressure to use drugs. The video highlights drug facts and exit strategies that are linked together with a common phrase, “Nah, I’m good.” Their stories will focus on drug facts, drug use situations and exit strategies for helping tweens/teens avoid making poor decisions. It will also contain short segments from “persons of influence - celebrities” regarding drug use.
The DVD plays automatically and requires no manual prompts unless the presenter wishes to pause between segments. On the website, the videos are separated and may be view separately if desired.
For DVD Requests contact Phil Burns
DVD Content - Approximately 20 minutes runtime
Times of each segment are in parentheses.
  1. A. Segment One:

    1. Open – Tim Hudson (Atlanta Braves) message (0:20)
    2. Life’s Regret; RX Abuse: An illustration that shows some of life’s consequences when prescription drugs are abused. The segment opens with an adult recalling a tragic decision he faced as a teen in which his actions resulted in the loss of a close friend (2:45)
    3. Student statements (0:30)
  2. B. Segment Two:

    1. Open – Jeff Weaver (A&E Intervention Producer) (0:38)
    2. Scarlet’s Nightmare; Cocaine Use: A segment that depicts the peer pressures that can accompany a relationship and the real consequences of first time cocaine use. The segment is a dream sequence in which the teen gets a second chance to use an exit strategy to make the right choice (4:45)
    3. Student statements (0:25)
  1. C. Segment Three:

    1. Open – Aubie & Big AL share a message (0:10)
    2. Ben’s Choice; Meth: A segment that reflects some facts, life effects and consequences of meth use. The segment is a flash back sequence in which the teen gets a second chance to use his voice to make the right choice. (6:30)
    3. Student statements (0:26)
  2. D. Segment Four:

    1. Justin’s Dead-End; Meth: A brief look into some facts and chilling effects of meth use. (2:27)
    2. Student statements (0:40)
Post - DVD discussion:
Guest Speaker conducts Q&A session with classroom on DVD material and shares personnel accounts and stories. This session reinforces themes of; drug use consequences to students and the impact on friends and family, identifying drug use situations early, recognizing peer pressure and using exit strategies to produce positive outcomes. (20:00)